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Nelson County, Virginia
Average Home Sizes and Asking Prices

Updated On: February 20, 2018
Zipcode Single Family Home Townhome or Condo
4 BR 3 BR #Lst 3 BR 2 BR #Lst
22958 2,800 sf $500,000 2,800 sf $435,000 99 1,500 sf $181,000 1,000 sf $160,000 64
22967 3,200 sf $594,000 2,400 sf $400,000 39 1,100 sf $170,000 20

22958 - 3 Bedroom Homes
# of Listings and Avg Price*
 2 Years Ago  35   $331k
 1 Year Ago  34   $376k
 6 Months Ago   28   $367k
 1 Month Ago  23   $320k
 Today  29   $326k
*Averaged for 3 bedroom active listings

22967 - 3 Bedroom Homes
# of Listings and Avg Price*
 2 Years Ago  44   $339k
 1 Year Ago  50   $381k
 6 Months Ago   39   $396k
 1 Month Ago  35   $331k
 Today  42   $334k
*Averaged for 3 bedroom active listings

Asking Price in 22958 - 3 Bedroom Single Family Homes
22958 real estate listing price trend

22958 sold real estate price trend
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Nelson County Real Estate & Homes for Sale in Virginia

Located in the Commonwealth of Virginia and home to over 15,000 residents, Nelson County is known for its wealth of recreational amenities, growing number of craft beer breweries and wineries, and as the location of Walton's Mountain, the setting for the American television show "The Waltons." Nelson County is also known as the home of the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River, Crabtree Falls, and for Wintergreen Resort, a popular four-season resort that includes a golf course that is 4,000 feet above sea level.

Nelson County is about a 45 minute drive from Charlottesville and is considered a part of the city's metropolitan region. Residents of Nelson County appreciate living in a county that overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Lesesne State Forest and offers a quiet respite from city life. Families send their children to the school's excellent public school system. Students may then move forward with their higher learning ambitions at the University of Virginia among other campuses in the Charlottesville area.

Prospective buyers thinking about purchasing a home in any of Nelson County's communities will be pleased to know that the real estate market here is affordable and quite diverse with mid-century homes, modern condominiums and townhouses, and custom built executive estates anchoring the local market. Average sales prices for properties in Nelson County currently run in the $165,000 range.

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Nelson County has a variety of real estate options to choose from, such as single-family homes built in the 1920s and mid-century properties, new homes, and contemporary condominiums and townhomes. Considering the fact that Nelson County is pretty widespread, most homes within the region may feature unobstructed views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Lesesne State Forest, if they don't already border the area. The James River also flows alongside the eastern borders of Nelson County so some homes may offer riverfront views. Interested homebuyers wishing to call Nelson County home can expect real estate prices to range anywhere between $80,000 and $500,000 for townhomes or condos, and $75,000 to $3.2 million for single-family homes.

Nelson County Real Estate Stats and Trends for the week of February 19th, 2018: homes priced around $435,083 compared to $269,700 the previous week, showing a increase of more than +38%.  For Monday, February 19th, the current national mortgage rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage is 4.05%; the 15 year fixed rate is at 3.41%. For a loan larger than conventional conforming loans, or 'jumbo' loan, the 30 year rate is 4.27%, while the 15 year jumbo rate currently is at 4.33%.

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